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Once I was in a debate with a new kido atheist, in every question I asked or every post he answered he just copied Dawkins God delusion, May be I read the book long before he got the sunshine of freedom of choice. I asked him , what was his reason to reject the existence of deity. After some charming time i felt he  just another brainwashed kid trying to act different rather than a philosophical understanding.

Dawkins wrote some catchy word in his book “ imagine with john Lennon , a world with no religion , imagine no suicide bombers, no 9/11, no crusade , no Indian partition…….

So now lets Imagine again with john Lennon in slightly my way

Imagine a world with no religion , imagine a world without morality , imagine sex without boundary, imagine everybody kilning each other with his freedom of choice , imagine nobody know their father , imagine no clothes , imagine people having sex in bus, imagine your friend fucking your wife. 



The  wikipedia  say

Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are the result of material interactions.(read more in wiki , click the link )

But  the mechanism of circuit board can’t give you the guideline of a moral man. Materialism denies the existence of both deities and \”souls . It is therefore incompatible with most world religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The human mind and concept of soul is more complex than any physics law. Where physics created or practiced by human mind .Still the value or morality we know and following it is a practice of our ancestors . It is a flow of sociological information in name of religion.

In some stage of every rational mind, we got question ,Who am I . And the answer is mostly mysterious or confusing. One part of our rationalist mind all time wants to see the world in a materialistic shape. Where we are living in subconscious what is non materialistic. The mix of materialistic world and non-materialistic mind, makes a man confuse and force him to stay in materialistic view, and it’s the easy part. Question about self-existence makes a man believer or non-believer.

Her mind want to say



If we go to the basic biological nature of all animal or living being there is no basic difference between Human or a animal . Somewhat animals are more powerful than human. The way we can differ a cow is our consciousness and ability to learn. Many animal can learn but they have limitation. Human consciousness is something very unique and what made us different from any animal.

The debate between theist and atheist is not new it was in Stone Age it still exist when science is reaching the moon. Because the debate around the existence of creator is solely psychological and a philosophical matter. The way human think is proof of intelligence . Human have long struggled to find out the origin and purpose of human. In the early stage of philosophical development back in Aristotle and Socrates they had several hypothesis about meaning of life. Though now materialistic minded people trying to prove Socrates and Aristotle was atheist. It’s the bad luck they are not here to justify what they ware! .

We all know Socrates said “Know thyself “ , mean try to know yourself but it was a Greek proverb not a authentic quotes of Socrates . It is not the topic of our discussion.

Whatever the “Know Thyself” is much harder than it sounds .

We all time say we know ourselves, But is it true ?

How you can know yourself when You can’t remember how you came in the world. How can you know yourself when you are living in a dream world feeling like reality in a total unconscious state?

How can you define the first move, what happened without any purpose. Just like you born without a egg.

I can just asked the question. The answer is yours. Because we believe what we want to believe whatever silly or strong logic behind it its doesn’t matter. But in time every rational mind will come in a conclusion.


< Will continue ………

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