I’m Aziz Tarak

Hello, I’m Aziz Tarak a proud Bangladeshi—a dynamic force at
the intersection of entrepreneurship, journalism, and
activism. With a passion for community and political
organizing, I work tirelessly to amplify voices and drive
positive change in every endeavour I undertake

The life

I have spent several years trying to understand the greater purpose of life—the perfect reason to endure the sometimes hellish reality. Money is useful, but it will worsen conditions if it lacks a greater purpose. Merely eating, producing waste, and wasting energy do not constitute the meaning of life at all . It is our responsibility to discover a purpose that extends .beyond ourselves, to contribute positively to the lives of others and the greater world

Everybody Wants Change , Yet few are willing to change themselves

Many despise nasty politics, but few
cease to support it. Everyone
desires a better Bangladesh, but
few are actively working towards it.
Many may dress like Sheikh Mujibur
Rahman, but not everyone truly
understands Mujib. I am committed
to fighting for the people,
advocating for the right reasons,
and searching for like-minded
individuals who share the same

The most important and glorious
habit of my life is reading. Reading
defines who I am right now. It has
made me a disbeliever and a
believer. No, I am not a
brainwashed reader. I read to learn and have learned how to read

Life is much more mysterious than
cosmic space. It’s tough to
understand the greater purpose of
living; sometimes, it feels like hell,
and other times, it’s like a division
bell ringing incessantly. The
existence of a deity threatens the
very personal mind that is trying to
believe ‘I am in control.’ It’s really
hard to agree that we are not in
control, probably never were, and
never will be

My Startups Journey

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey that revolves around people and values, I set out with a vision to solve a problem
and establish a business with true meaning. Rooted in a passion for addressing challenges and making a positive impact,
my journey is driven by the belief that business can be a force for good. Through innovation, empathy, and a commitment
to values, I’ve endeavoured to create a venture that not only thrives economically but also contributes meaningfully to the
lives of individuals and the community. Join me on this purpose-driven adventure, where entrepreneurship becomes a
vehicle for positive change and sustainable growth


For the passion of
journalism, I embarked on a
remarkable journey in 2016,
giving birth to
bdnewnet.com. This
platform serves as a
testament to my
unwavering commitment to
delivering news that
matters. At bdnewnet.com,
we strive to illuminate the
pressing issues, spark
meaningful conversations,
and provide a platform for
voices that deserve to be


Sidhirganj.com, the premier
destination for local news
centered around one of the
largest industrial zones in
Narayanganj, Dhaka,
Bangladesh. As a dedicated
platform, we are committed
to keeping you informed
about the pulse of industrial
activities while championing
the critical causes of worker
rights and community

Samajik network

Samajik Network, my
upcoming startup project
poised to revolutionize the
business landscape in
Bangladesh. Our vision is to
establish a cutting-edge
Social Commerce platform
that empowers individuals to
thrive in the world of
business. Samajik Network is
not just a marketplace, it’s a
dynamic ecosystem designed
to foster meaningful
connections, facilitate
commerce, and fuel
entrepreneurial aspirations
across Bangladesh.

My Inspiration

As I draw from the legacy of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, my endeavours are infused with a passion for cultural preservation, social justice, and a relentless pursuit of freedom—a tribute to the enduring spirit of ultra-Bengali nationalism that continues to inspire generations.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

My inspiration is Sheikh Mujibur
Rahman, a visionary leader whose
indomitable spirit and unwavering
commitment to the people of
Bangladesh have left an enduring
mark on history. Sheikh Mujib’s
tireless efforts and leadership
played a pivotal role in the
struggle for the independence of
Bangladesh, culminating in the
birth of a new nation.

Steve Jobs

As I navigate the complexities of the business world, I draw inspiration from Jobs’s ability to seamlessly blend creativity and technology.In the spirit of Jobs’s mantra, I am inspired to think differently, push boundaries, and pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors with unwavering passion.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

My inspiration, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, transcends the pages of history as a fervent advocate of ultra Bengali nationalism .In channeling the spirit of Netaji’s ultra Bengali nationalism, I am guided by the principles of resilience, cultural pride, and a deep love for my homeland