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The most important and glorious habit of my life is reading. The reading defines me what I am right now. The reading made me disbeliever also made me a believer . No, i am not a brainwashed reader. I read to learn and learned how to READ .catch me if you can : 

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Flicker Images by Me


Aziz Tarak – Home | Facebook

2018 – In Office

2018 – in Motijheel Office

Srimangal- Bangladesh

2018- Rifats Weeding

2017- Nirjhors Weddings

2014- Probably

2013 –

Self potraite – Aziz Tarak – After The DSLR purchase


Sitalakhhya River Side – Morning After Thirty First Night

2009 – University First Year

2007 – National memorial

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