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I am a Business consultant offers advice to businesses to help them operate more productively and efficiently. My duties may include gathering information about problems to be improved, interviewing workers, and making presentations and reports for management. I work Independently generally hired on contract.  I am specialized in Brand development And Long time  Marketing Strategy Development. I usually work in Web Based research and communicate virtually  But Available in my home country for personal interaction. You can also hire me  from any top freelancer website with my username \”megamindcorp\”


  • Organizing and executing assigned business projects on behalf of clients according to client’s requirements
  • Meeting with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation.
  • Collecting information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports etc.)


Pricing :

  1. Brand development with assessment report: 800 USD
  2. Search Engine Optimization: Yearly 200 USD
  3. Graphic Design/Brusiear  or Logo developments:  400 USD
  4. Website development: 500 USD to 5000 USD depending on requirements

Usually, I don\’t reply to the emails who offer test job or minimized pricing. As I work Independently Your polite communication skill Important for my service. As you have to understand I am not your Employee but a Cortactual Consultant.


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