Webinfopage.com is a intelligent Web program collecting and providing Information Intelligence service  to government and business  around the Globe .


Webinfopage.com a entity of Infojinn Inc, looks into various types of Big data and cyber attacks affecting protected interests of  our global clents .


Infojinn inc Furthermore Webinfopage.com provide and analyses information on real or potential threats and risks related to the existence of strategic information and communication systems.  The general perception is that these systems are protected by heightened security given their importance or their potential inclusion on the list of critical infrastructure entities of governments and business organizations .


Infojinn Inc

we  process  meaningful, shareable data  pattern. We have evolved as a Information intelligence agency  and learned as individuals, to recognize and ascribe meaning to patterns . According to Plato, knowledge is justified true belief, and this was also the view of many philosophers BUT  Intelligence is not information: it is a process, or an innate capacity to use data in order to perceive the probable informative outcome of total scenario .



Simply defined, Webinfopag.com by Infojinn Inc  is Virtual program  that has been analyzing data  so that its can be useful to policymakers in making decisionsspecifically, decisions about potential global Terrorist/ Cyber  Security threat .

Infojinn Intelligence :

  • Intelligence is a product that consists of information that has been refined to meet the needs of policymakers;
  • Intelligence is also a process through which that information is identified, collected, and analyzed; and,
  • Intelligence refers to both the individual organizations that shape raw data into a finished intelligence product for the benefit of decision makers and the larger community of these organizations.



Because of our multi-disciplinary expertise and holistic approach to intelligence, only Infojinn provides the ability to:

  • Aggregates comprehensive information from our exclusive global network of resources.
  • Sifts through vast amounts of data and unstructured information, providing you with uniquely focused situational awareness.
  • Applies the synthesis and analysis methodologies needed to properly prepare for, and effectively respond to, rapidly changing global conditions

In our present state of technical and scientific knowledge, a much better term would be ‘Artificial Knowledge’, although this doesn’t have quite the same ring . Webinfopage have led to astonishing improvements in the big web data and relevance of Internet Cultures .